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Deck Repair / Replacement in Athens, GA & Surrounding Areas

Decorating essentials may first come to mind when it comes to maintaining the appearance of your deck. Sometimes the most attractive patios hide unsavory facts that can compromise public safety. This is why inspecting your deck regularly is so critical. Common repairs include fixing loose rails, replacing broken floorboards, and removing rusted nails. We can also help with less common repairs such as mismatched rail heights or varying board thickness.

Patio and Deck Repair FAQs

Repairing a warped deck board differs significantly from replacing broken pavers, so the repair process can vary greatly depending on what type of deck or patio repairs you need. The materials used to build your porch or deck and the extent of the damage or decay will determine the best solution. Regardless of the type of outdoor structure or amount of damage, the first step is a professional inspection. Your Bulldog Decking inspector will explain what repairs are needed so you can make an informed decision.

The most common deck repairs typically involve wood and fasteners. Wood expands, contracts, and goes through other changes as it ages. Combined with exposure to the elements, these natural changes mean the wood used to build youroutdoor deck will only last for so long.

As deck boards and railing pieces change and shift, fasteners like nails and screws can become loose. When the fasteners aren’t secure, moisture can get into the wood around the fastener and cause rust and rot. Other common repairs for decks include:

  • Board Replacement
  • Railing Replacement
  • Grading and Drainage Repairs
  • Stair Replacement and Repair

Many factors affect a deck or porch repair, including theextent of damage, ype of construction, and material used to construct the deck. The typical repair cost for a deck is around $800 to $3,000, with the national average under $1,900. The deck size, permitting expenses, material costs, and even the weather can all affect deck repair costs. The national average cost for patio repair comes in at quite a bit less at around $750. Still, the cost can vary considerably based on the type of patio you have.

No matter what kind of damage or deck, porch, or patio you have, Bulldog Decking will help you choose a solution that works best for you. Depending on the extent of damage and total cost, comparing repair vs. replacement cost makes sense for a homeowner., . Whether you decide repairing or replacing your deck or patio is the most practical option, you can always count on Bulldog Decking for competitive rates.

If your deck is still in good shape but has minor damage, then repairing it is usually the most cost effective option. However, in some cases, even a professional deck, porch, or patio repair may not be enough if there is structural damage. If this is the case, investing in a new deck, patio, or other outdoor space may be a better option. Whether we perform simple repairs or build you a new patio or deck, we’ll create an outdoor living space that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

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